On Introductions

Welcome. That’s right folks, I’ve started a blog. You see, I realized that the World Wide Web can never- I repeat, never- be too filled with opinionated people (sic). And I, being a human being with some degree of self-importance, have opinions. It wasn’t exactly difficult to put two and two together. So once I finished my math homework, I decided to go for it.


Mathematics 261A: Manipulation Processes of Single Digit Integers, Part A- Methods of Numeric Addition and Subtraction

You see my friends, and strangers who somehow found their way onto this page (sidebar- the internet is a weird and wonderful melting pot isn’t it?), I have taken it upon myself to try out a well-known maxim.


No, not that one. Though Miranda Kerr is greatly appreciated.

As the saying goes, do something for 10,000 hours, and you will become good at it. Or at least you will think that you are. Because if you’ve wasted 10,000 hours on something that you still aren’t brilliant in, you’d better start faking it friend.

And seeing as I like putting letters of the alphabet together into “words”, and arranging said “words” into “sentences” (#ENGLISH)… A blog seemed like a good place to start to hone my inner Hemingway.


Pictured above: Hemingway, and some kid with a nifty scar(f) 

It’s quite the experiment still, so bear with me. And apologies if things seem a bit patchy at first. My ability to use WordPress is still very much in the “just learned to use it over summer” stage, and my writing skills still very much “could classify as illiterate”.

But here it is anyways. My very first blog post. I’m not going to lie though- being my first time, it was awkward and a bit rushed, and at times I didn’t really know what I was doing. Let’s hope it get’s better from here on out!

So I raise a proverbial glass to Near Native, the hole where all of my strange and self-deprecating thoughts go to die, decompose, then briefly appear as a hologram during a music performance.



Peace 🙂

p.s. Oh, and if you were wondering how I came up with the blog’s name- click here.

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